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Branding and building a reputation for your business comes down to a few easy steps.


The steps in branding an online website business are pretty straightforward. Start by researching your target audience and competitors. Focus on personality first. By focusing on your personality, start with an outline of your business, putting down on paper ideas and goals.


Don’t lock into one or two specific things to do. Jot down ideas as fast as they come into your head. There are no bad ideas.


Bad ideas will be dealt with at the end of the process at the bottom of your trash can. Great ideas will become part of your overall online branding, online design, and part of the storytelling process.

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Next, choose a business name. Select a name that people don’t have to scratch their heads because they don’t understand. Just because you understand a name or meaning, doesn't mean that others will.


Next, you will want to write down ideas for a slogan, a catchphrase. Think broadly about this step. Don’t think narrow. Ideas should flow for days or weeks, not minutes or hours. Write everything down and ask for friend's and family member's advice.

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The next step is where the fun begins. Now is the time of looking at choosing the look and feel of your brand.


This step will include looking at colors and font styles. I would recommend staying away from dark colors. Choose something easy on the eyes. This could be one of the most challenging steps of the process.


After choosing your color scheme and fonts, now it's time to move on to designing and creating your logo for your business. Believe it or not, designing a logo does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are lots of online logo makers you can look into before hiring a design studio.


The last step in this process is applying your brand across your entire business. This will involve branding your entire website around your business. 

 Although this is one of the last steps to getting your business off the ground, you must tread lightly. Spamming a website can be death to a business on the World Wide Web. This shouldn't be a problem for most people that know anything about website design. The problem will be someone that is over-anxious about their business and is overly aggressive.

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