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Website design can be extremely hard for individuals and businesses to create. There is the design aspect, images, layout, and SEO - just to name a few. Where do you start?


Obstacles you may encounter can overwhelm anyone. Coding; such as HTML, CSS, Drag-N-Drop.


I have been doing website design off and on for the past 13 + years. I make websites clean, easy to use and understand. I usually get the website up and running for my clients and then show them the tools to maintain their websites themselves.

When I take on a project, I will do a simple layout of the theme of the business or individual, collaborate on what they want in a website.


Soon after that, the client and I will make up a blueprint of the site, choosing a defined roadmap of the site. A theme is chosen and a timeframe of completion is given. The preferred websites I create today are what is referred to as a Drag-N-Drop Protocol. I choose this type of site because it is easy for the end-user to use and understand.

There are a limitless amount of things you can incorporate into a website.

  • An Online Store

  • A Blog

  • Newsletters

  • Communication Forms

  • Google Maps

  • Images

  • Gallery's

  • Bios

Website designs that I have done are as follows:

Grubby Dogs Pet Grooming

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