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I am certainly no stranger to website consulting because I've been doing this since 2007. I usually don't get involved with the nitty-gritty aspects of consulting.


I am one that loves to be creative. So I tend to work on the creative side of the ideas of the website.


I also love to create content but don't get too involved with writing content for customers, because their business is very specific and a lot of the time I will lack the knowledge of their business.

Many consulting ideas come from sitting down and discussing the hopes and dreams of the individual's business.


Looking at future plans and long-term goals provide a greater understanding and knowledge of the path in which to take when discussing all aspects of their business.

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When discussing an individual's website, we will talk about a lot of individual things and bounce off many ideas. A lot of them end up in the trashcan, but you can always find the diamond in the rough. Those great or fantastic ideas or ones that are explored more and developed over time.


If I was ever asked by a potential client whether I can help them in their website consulting, I would never refuse. I would give them the expectation that I would help them as much as possible, but giving them the realistic impression that I don't do website consulting for a living.

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