how will you make an impact?

Why Video on Social Media? 

Video tells your story - Movement - Animation - Emotion all bundled into one!

Statistically, videos get 3 times as many shares than all other types of feed advertising on social media.

We will want to make short, concise videos that will market you to your audience. Videos should be produced to come to the point of advertising quickly. We will want to grab attention from an audience and retain them with short, concise bursts of video messaging - not more than 30 seconds. 

Social media is a fast-paced business. You want to engage, without loss. People on social media just CLICK, CLICK, CLICK - You don’t want to lose an audience, you want retention. 

There are so many ways to make stand out videos, but the videos must have a purpose. Telling a story in your video about a home for sale or a story in your video for a widget you have on special tell two really different stories.

Sometimes all you need is a short, snappy video that stands out. Other times it may require you to tell a story to get your point across. 

Videos tell stories. Stories form connections. Audiences want to feel apart of something.

Use your time wisely when it comes to video. The first 3 seconds matter the most when engaging an audience.


Statistics show that most audiences drop from videos that don’t engage with them. Inspire your audience to continue to watch your message and ultimately engage with you.

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