where & when do you want to market yourself on social media?

Social media audiences are just groups of people you are marketing content to. You will want to reach them with your business content - manage your advertising with purpose.


Tailor your advertising by drawing out your ideas on to a calendar. You will not want to live week by week and month by month - but year by year.


Repeat certain things, like holiday blasts every year. But, be careful and do not repeat old stale information. Keep things fresh and current.


With so many social media platforms, you must tailor your brand for each.


I would suggest considering marketing your business on just one social media platform. If you have all your eggs in one basket, you have more chance of them breaking.


Having too many social media platforms to post on, may result in you crashing and burning.


If you have the desire to post on more than one social media platform, master one before moving on to another. 


Do some research on several platforms and experiment with some advertising on a couple of them.


I will make sure you have the correct size and type of advertising to maximize impact! 


Narrow your focus and your talent on that platform - get a plan and let's go to work!

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