Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization work can be difficult for the average person.
It's actually an art form hard to master. To keep your website fresh, it's important to redo your SEO work several times a year. Below, are the steps that I use to help you get the best search engine optimization results.
Search Engine Optimization



Research Your Website Niche

This step is pretty straightforward. We will collaborate about your website, and discuss your target market.


​Afterwards, I will do some additional research on my own, and look at your local and direct competition, creating a detailed plan for a layout of your new website.

Timelines and expectations of your project will be discussed. Direct communication lines will  open up as we move forward on the developmental process of your website.

Search Engine Optimization



Brand Everything In Your Website

Branding your website is the Secret sauce to the layout of your website. We will use your brand as much as possible, without SPAMMING UP YOUR WEBSITE​.


In English, this means that I will use specific targeted keywords throughout; Including making title tags, tagging all of your images, and linking all of your social media.

As the above title says "Branding Is Everything". There is a very fine line with branding versus spamming.

Search Engine Optimization



Identify All Your

Target Keywords

There is a secret to the madness of targeted keywords. There are rules (let's refer to them as guidelines), that search engines identify when scanning websites with their "BOTS".

If you are a baker, and you write about a specific, targeted bread like asiago, then you will want to write in your website a 500 to 750-word article on the subject of asiago bread. If within the article you mentioned asiago bread (probably) more than four times, this looks a little Spamy for the bots as they search and crawl that particular page.

Search Engine Optimization



Clear Titles & Descriptions For Search Engines


In the example to the left, you want to be as clear as possible with your title and description of the individual page on your website.

Titles and descriptions are limited to a number of characters. You also want to make your title long enough to understand, but short enough where you don't have several dots afterward. The same goes for the description.

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