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Making your mark with social media advertising is all part of the marketing mix. But, it cannot work on its own.

Just think of all the ways your customers come in contact with your business, both on and off-line. 


These are opportunities to focus on.

Ask yourself important questions about your audiences before engagement in your feeds: 

  • What will be the impact of my advertising?

  • How will my engagements affect my audience?

  • How can I impact top-level results with my audience?

  • How do I show a positive impact through my advertising?


There are ways to influence your audience to improve your impact on your social media advertising:

  • Launch conversations from time to time.

  • Keep an eye on trends in your profession.

  • Have contests and events.

  • Use hashtags from time to time.

  • Promote a function within your community.

  • Nurture relationships both on and off-line.

  • Connect with your audience offline and through other social media outlets.


Improving your social media advertising is key to the impact you will provide on any social media platform.

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