Where you market your business through social media may not be the best place to market your business. You're going to go where your business takes you. Consider whom you are speaking to, and what business are you promoting.

Putting yourself on all social media platforms should be the best way to reach all potential clients - If you're a workforce of one, this may not be the best use of your time and money.

Research where your audience spends a great deal of their time.

Instagram is a platform to focus on imagery. This is very engaging and personal for your followers.


Linked-In is the largest network on social media for professionals. It’s a great platform for freelance marketers and its professional setting is ideal to meet new clients.


Get noticed on Facebook by posting great informative, color-rich graphics and ads. Engage your audience here with pages people can follow and engage you or your brand.

Pick the best platform in the social media space, and grow from there.

focus on the business at hand

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