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On any one given social media platform, you generally know what you are seeing and know what to expect.


Everything you post on social media is an extension of YOUR BRAND. So whenever you post anything, you want it to be unmistakably YOU!

When your audience lands on one of your posts, your goal is to have them instantly recognize it’s you. Make sure that you are marketing clean, new and fresh ideas consistently.

In a social media landscape, overcrowded with content, how will you stand out?


Make sure there is a thread of consistency with all of your posts. Colors, fonts and even the times you post. The consistent design does not have to be a boring design.

Persistence, engaging, click-through posts on social media are the designs that will attract more business to ultimately find their way to your bottom line.

One proven approach that works is to have one template style for each of the different content styles that you post.


We will want to create interesting advertisements that your community will recognize, engage and understand.

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